Application-Level Queue, Server-Push, etc.

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Folks, am working on a real-time-ish application - say, a complex form
of chat - in which a few different processes will generate data and
one or more http clients will need to be notified.  (Something like
this was used at
-- but that appears to be very specific to their problem area and I'm
interested in something more generic.

"Slow load" (see )
seems a good mechanism to notify the client, but the simple form of
that needs build up to accommodate events of several types from a
number of sources.

It looks to me that application-level script-to-script notification is
needed - and exists (see /)
plus a queue mechanism, which also exists (see )

I've googled for it and failed to find a packaging of these elements.
I'm interested in hearing about any that might exist, before I try to
roll my own.  Thanks, all.


Re: Application-Level Queue, Server-Push, etc.

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I'd start by forgetting about the suggestions in this is *so* not the
way to solve either your problem or the one described on the page.

Most message queueing systems are based around providing transactional
integrity - and you're going to get tied in knots trying to get this
to work for a browser based system ( where you can't guarantee
notification of the end of a session).

Sorry I've got nothing positive to add - but I can't see any solution
other than starting from scratch - but yes, using ajax to poll a
deferring page is probably the way to go.


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