Apache + PHP module segfaults

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I am currently trying to track down the pieces of code which cause our
Apache processes to segfault. I have narrowed it down to mod php.
However I am trying to identify the specific code/script etc that is
causing the problem. So far its remained elusive.

- How I arrived at the fact that it was php that was crashing. The
dmesg output showed a memory address, which when investigated through
the /proc/<pid</maps file said mod php5.

The server is a Redhat EL5.5 x64 so any additional feedback would be
really appreciated. At the moment my Apache configuration has all the
CoreDump's set and yet I don't get any coredumps. If I send sig 11 to
the process it will however provide the relevant dumps. Getting more
details around how we actually debug it further would be great.



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