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Hi friends,
      I have installed Apache apache_2.0.52-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi and
PHP php-4.3.10-Win32 on windows 2000 professional . I also get success
in installeing both of them , but when i am trying to run apache
C:/localhost on my mozilla or internet explorer browser , i am not able
to get the default page, i don't know why its not working. I am a new
learner of PHP and for the learning process i want to download it as
soon as possible. Can anyone help me out with this . Please help.
                                              Thanks in advance ...

Re: Apache + PHP

vibhajha123@yahoo.com wrote:
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If everything is installed ok and you have made the required changes to
httpd.conf to tell Apache that PHP is alive then you need to use a
webbrowser and point at http://localhost This should give the default
Apache web page

Re: Apache + PHP

    why do u think i didn't try!!! i have typed http://localhost in my
web browser and click enter and its showing page cannot be displayed.
But if this is not the proper way i am using , please tell me .
Actually first thing is apache is not displaying its default page.
First apache has to work to make PHP work. But apache is not working.
How to make sure that PHP is alive , what are the changes i have to
make in httpd.conf .
                                 Thanks Vibha.

Re: Apache + PHP

vibhajha123@yahoo.com wrote:
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Get Apache working first, then worry about PHP.  Did you edit
httpd.conf?  If you did, you should use the "Test Configuration" option
to make sure there are no configuration errors.  If the configuration is
good, you should check the Apache error log at:

<Apache install path>\Apache2\logs\error.log

Once you get Apache working, then edit httpd.conf to make PHP work.  The
necessary modifications are clearly explained in the installation
instructions and should look something like this (for PHP 5):

## For PHP 5
LoadModule php5_module "d:/Programs/php/php5apache2.dll"
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
PHPIniDir "d:/Programs/php"


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