apache local test server on XP pro

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I'm hoping someone can help me with the following.  My son is learning
PHP and wants to install an apache test server on our XP pro home
computer so he can test his code before uploading it to his hosting
company.  I don't have a problem with this in principle but I do have
the following concerns:

1) We connect to the internet via AOL and my son's account is a "young
person access" account.  Will this be compromised by apache?

2) Will the installation of this apache server allow my son to breach
Windows security at all (he is a restricted user at present)?

3) Any other possible security issues?

Thank for your help.

Re: apache local test server on XP pro

Just to follow-up on the last poser's comments... I am almost certain AOL
would probably not allow traffic to pass through to port 80 or 443. I do not
use AOL so I can't be 100% certain, but I no of no logical reason to believe
AOL would allow that type of traffic.

With this in mind, you should have nothing to worry about. BTW, if you have
setup file permissions on your son's account so that he can't modify certain
files on the machine this is ok as you can setup apache to run from one
trusted directory and not tough anything else.

At the same time, he does not necessarily have to be using Apache to be
using PHP. You could just as easily install IIS (or PWS) and get PHP running
in no time.

Wil Moore III, MCP | Integrations Specialist

Re: apache local test server on XP pro

*** Mike escribió/wrote (26 Aug 2004 10:37:11 -0700):
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I suppose your son wants to test PHP pages in the same computer where
Apache is installed, doesn't he? Then there's no need to open Apache to the
outside world. Check that Apache is configured to serve pages only to
localhost. Also, make sure your firewall keeps ports 80 and 443 closed.

(I don't know what AOL's policies might be, but if my ISP controlled the
software *I* install in *my* PC I'm sure I'd quit.)

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