Apache appending .php extension?

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This is kind of an obscure question, and I hope someone has a clue
what's going on.

I've got PHP4 running on Apache 1.3 on win32, and whenever I request a
URL like so:
It appears that the server is actually calling the script
http://localhost/tag.php (which is a real file). However, when I do
something like
Apache does not try to serve up anything at all. The behavior of
treating /tag/ like /tag.php is really screwing up my attempts to do
RewriteRule matching. Please help!

Re: Apache appending .php extension?

raisins@gmail.com wrote:

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My guess is that your RewriteRule's are causing this problem.
Under 'normal' apache installation, this doesn't happen.

Try to remove your extra rules, make a plain entry in conf for your site,  
reload Apache gracefull, and retry.
Does it still happen?

Erwin Moller

Re: Apache appending .php extension?

Thanks for the response. I have tried commenting out all my Rewrite
directives (I have checked .htaccess and httpd.conf), and this is still
happening. It seems crazy. Is there some other file I can check maybe?

Re: Apache appending .php extension?

On 24 May 2006 10:26:16 -0700, raisins@gmail.com wrote...
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If you are opening "http://localhost/tag/" there's probably an index.php of
index.html file that's opening up as a result. May be worth scanning the home
page file in that directory to see if it may have code that sends it to another


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Re: Apache appending .php extension?

I have checked that too -- there is no /tag/ directory (or redirect or
anything) -- and the problem occurs for any file, e.g. if I access
http://localhost/privacy/ it pulls up http://localhost/privacy.php, and
there is definitely no /privacy/ directory!!

Re: Apache appending .php extension?

On Wed, 24 May 2006 20:54:09 -0700, raisins wrote:
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Do you have MultiViews and/or mod_negotiation switched on in Apache? My
recollection is that it can have similar effects to this.


Adam Harvey

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Re: Apache appending .php extension?

Adam Harvey wrote:
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I don't want to overstate this, but you are a genius. Multiviews was
turned on for the base directory, and disabling it has solved my
problems. I definitely would not have found this on my own. Thank you!

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