Anyone using HP-UX with Apache, PHP and OCI?

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I'm searching for someone who's using HP-UX 11.x with Apache and PHP  
with the OCI8 extension (for accessing Oracle).

I'm having some issues while running this and would like to exchange  
some information.

my environment is:

HP-UX 11.11
Apache/2.0.49 from the hpuxwsApache package
PHP 4.3.4 as included in that package
OCI8 as included in that package

(I also tried Apache 2.0.52 with PHP 4.3.8 but that didn't make a  

when I'm enabling OCI8, Apache works fine, but the commandline PHP fails  
(and I need that as I have background processes, generating some  
reports). The error is:

PHP Warning:  Unknown(): Unable to load dynamic library  
'/opt/hpws/apache/php/lib/php/extensions/' - Can't find path for  
shared library: in Unknown on line 0

after finding I managed to solve  
this by setting:
export LD_PRELOAD=$ORACLE_HOME/JRE/lib/PA_RISC/native_threads/

and now also PHP from the commandline works fine as well. but I've no  
clue if this is a good solution or there's a better way.

but now I'm running into an issue with LDAP: ldap_bind() fails from a  
PHP script run from the commandline, while exactly the same code works  
perfectly fine through Apache - and it also works fine from the  
commandline when removing the LD_PRELOAD setting - but that removes the  
OCI8 functionality again...

so I'm feeling stuck having the choice between LDAP and OCI8 - but my  
scripts uses both...

(FUP to comp.sys.hp.hpux)


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