anybody use zlib with php?

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Hi,  I asked a question yesterday but no one answered, I will try again.  
Anyone use stream_filter_append, specifically to decompress zlib-compressed  
data?  I'm trying to use it on a section of data in a file, but I don't know  
if that's possible.  Most of my file is made up of normal bytes which I read  
with fread. When I get to the part which is zlib-compressed, I try to attach  
the zlib filter and read my bytes.  But I get the error:

stream_filter_append() [<a
Filter failed to process pre-buffered data.  Not adding to filterchain.

I called stream_get_filters and zlib is present, as a filter.  I am just  
wondering about that pre-buffered data.  What is that, do I need to worry  
about it? Here are the calls I make to read from the file once I get to the  
part that is compressed:

$zlib_filter = stream_filter_append($cellfile, 'zlib.inflate',
$data = fread($cellfile, $thumblength);

I really appreciate any pointers anyone has!

Re: anybody use zlib with php?

Greetings, Bint.
In reply to Your message dated Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 23:13:00,

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No need, Your message was posted without problem and appeared in the newsgrop
in readable form.


Re: anybody use zlib with php?

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that's correct. and we all know that no one has ever used zlib with php. i  
don't even know why they built the zlib in the first place if no one was  
ever going to use it. :)  

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