any small files-based CMS systems?

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Are there any extra-small-php-footprint, files-based
(doesn't need mysql) content management systems out there?
...perhaps using some combination of Smarty-Template
and Fckeditor?

Re: any small files-based CMS systems?

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Small footprint is the ultimate goal offcourse. I can't giva you any  
advise without knowing your needs. Having Smarty will considerably enlarge  
your footprint usually though, why is that a desired feature? And why the  
preference fort Fckeditor?

There's no 'one size fits all' advise. You'll have to tell us your needs &  
wants before we can even imagine what the setup should/could be like.  
Anyone giving you advise based on this little advise is either extremely  
biased or extremely ignorant.
Rik Wasmus

Re: any small files-based CMS systems?

Rik Wasmus wrote:
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Smarty and fck were just an "for instance" concept.
I've fiddled with many CMS systems. Most seem hideously
complex and bloated for what little they deliver (textpattern,
for instance....big, hard to manage, delivers a little, but
not much).

Drupal is even more complex, but, well, sophisticated and well
done, I thought.  Drupal is easy to work with, but only if you accept
their out-of-the-box's difficult to work with
if you want to customize it. Drupal's complexity seems not to matter
performance wise (which is good) because their runtime caching is so
good. I'm rambling. But it's still huge and hard to handle.

I would like to see a small tarball page management system
that guarantees a consistent look and feel, that allows
the developer to work mostly with small bits and pieces: html
fragments, images, image captions, downloadable files, etc,
that get wrapped in a presentable fashion by software,
rather than the keyboard.

My intuition tells me this could be done with a minimal
amount of code, especially now that tables are gone:
spit out N div definitions, stuff contents into those
divs with a templating system of some kind, control how they look
with css. Do it with a tenth the amount of code most
as most existing systems employ.

Maybe I'll have to do it myself :-)

Re: any small files-based CMS systems?

wrote :
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If you do find or do it yourself please post back as this is something I've
been looking for.In the mean-time I'm using /playing with "cms made simple".


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