Any PHP Blog tool without MySQL?

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I am just wondering whether there are any good php blog software that
do not need any database as background.

I want to setup a blog for myself. I know usually, tools such as etc. need MySQL as background to save the
necessary information.

However, I want to build a one user blog without any background
database support. The reason is: I am using some cheap web host, they
support PHP. Although they have MySQL, but I have no access to export /
import data from/to it (or I do not know how, since they do not provide
telnet shell access, nor remote access to the MySQL database). So I am
thinking, it would make me impossible to change my web host provider
later if I save the blog entries (including photos) in the MySQL

The only one I know is
However, it still misses a number of convenient functions, especially
about upload and manage the photos. (I know little about PHP, and I
couldn't do anything on it myself).

So, any suggestions of any (free) PHP blog tools that do not need any
background database (but still support post text blog entries as well
as entries with photos)?  

Thanks a lot. :-)

Re: Any PHP Blog tool without MySQL?

Kevin wrote:
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Install phpMyAdmin on your server, and you can export/import
anything you want.  


Re: Any PHP Blog tool without MySQL?

I noticed that Message-ID:
the following:

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If you develop on a local machine running Apache (say with phpdev  you can install it there.  But you have to edit
the phpMyadmin .ini file (easy) to add the external database

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Re: Any PHP Blog tool without MySQL?

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You might want to consider how much stuff you want to blog.  You can  
design a php-based application that uses flat files (1 per entry), but  
that would require you to either write or modify a package.  If you're  
up for it, great.

In the long run with enough entries, you'll get more manability with a  
database.  There _are_ web hosting companies that offer Apache, php, and  
MySQL.  Search around.

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