Any opinions on CodeIgnitor Framework?

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Hi Everyone

I stumbled upon the CodeIgniter framework last night and it looks pretty  
interesting.  I currently separate my code into 'sections' that are  
similar to it's controllers and use Smarty templates to separate the
front end, but I like the way CodeIngiter looks fairly minimal and  
simplified compared to other frameworks I've seen and includes some
useful helper functions which I haven't yet written myself.

Does anyone have any experience of using it in any commercial projects
as I'd be interested in any pitfalls anyone has come across, perhaps  
whilst integrating it with other existing bits of code or performancing
issues etc. ?

Any thoughts or examples of sites people are using CodeIngiter on
would be greatly appreciated.  The main reason I'm thinking of using it
is that it seems to already have a well defined code layout structure  
and set of helpers neatly defined, whereas currently I have one big  
functions file that's a mish-mash of things I cut and paste from one  
place to another, would be nice to work to a more formal layout.



Re: Any opinions on CodeIgnitor Framework?

Tyno Gendo wrote:
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I would have said the fact that its obviously too hard to spell tells  
against it from the word 'go' ;-)

Re: Any opinions on CodeIgnitor Framework?

Tyno Gendo pisze:
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I like their concept of bulding controller, and routing acton names.
The db abstraction is nice but what I lack is strict separation of  
application elements.

I like working with aplications that actually DON'T have direct access  
to data .

When I write basic logic of an aplication I prefer to work with objects  
(say: of a Document class) that know  their data container mapings (ie  
which fields in which tables reflect which object variables) and public  
metods (ie load() save() delete()) that i can use.

but In CI its so easy to write:

$this->db->query('SELECT name, title, email FROM my_table');

it might be a bliss for someone, but, Idon't like it.

When I'm deciding to use framework I do not want freedom to do whatever  
I want. I want clear information where to put different parts of the  
code. CI is strict about it. you could puyt everything in Contoller and  
it would work


Re: Any opinions on CodeIgnitor Framework?

zdzisio pisze:


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is not. It is not strict enough.
(I lost one word somewhere)


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