Any framework recomendations?

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Hi to everybody!

I am starting on one big project that includes writing web app based on  
existing app and its database (MSSQL). Until now i worked solely with PHP  
and MySQL using no framework.

As this app will be big and fat, i need a way to have everything under  
control. I'll also need DB abstraction layer because there is probability my  
app will use different DB sources so i was thinking something like ADOdb. It  
would also be nice to have something like YUI incorporated to look nicer :)  
I would also need ready made procedures for forms handling (display, edit,  
validate), data displaying in custom grids with inline editing  

What options are currenty avaliable? Some good framework that will suit my  
needs without too much complications?


Re: Any framework recomendations?

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Re: Any framework recomendations?

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I've only played with it and have not done serious work with it, but I
like CakePHP. It imitates Ruby On Rails, which I've used to build an
online store and which I like very much.

Re: Any framework recomendations?


on 04/16/2007 08:00 AM Cpt. Zeep said the following:
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probability my
ADOdb. It
nicer :)
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suit my

You may want to read this article first with criteria on how to choose a
framework (or not):


Manuel Lemos

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