Any easy PHP Screen Layout Tools?

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Putting together some specifications for a PHP/mySQL system which I need to  
pass off to a developer.  Are there any slick PHP tools that can be used to  
design screen layouts so that the communication to the developer can be made  
exactly as to what the interface should look like?  

Re: Any easy PHP Screen Layout Tools?

<Mon, 2 Jan 2006 23:06:38 -0800>

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Yeah - its called a web author :-)

Knocking up some screenshots in paint shop pro / photoshop would  
probably be quicker though .

Re: Any easy PHP Screen Layout Tools?

Following on from Al Franz's message. . .
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I should
1 - just itemise itemiseable things
2 - knock up a dummy page to illustrate look and feel for the site
NB emphasize the different types of elements that you want to be  
hookable by CSS.
3 - Sketch, using a trusty HB the approx screen layout and screen  
relationships and email content.

4 - Ask the developer what they think about it.  If they have done some  
of this sort of thing before they will have practical suggestions  
regarding ease of use, ease and robustness of development, shunting  
complications to backwaters and screen controls and so on.  (If you  
haven't designed web based applications before then you might be in for  
a shock as you find how coarse the communication between client and  
server is.)

I have used Visio but just to show the flow of complete transactions and  
which screen calls which other screens/email-sending.

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Re: Any easy PHP Screen Layout Tools?

Al Franz wrote:

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Yes, although its intended for developing the end product rather than a
prototype, it can be used for the latter....

The current version requires a Unix/Linux/Posix platform server side (front
end runs in Firefox / Internet Explorer / mozilla / Safari /



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