Any Decent Web Sites With PHP Poll Creation Tutorials

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Hey everyone,

While at first, I was satisified with Advanced Poll 2.0.3., when it came
time to parse it with a PHP search engine program called PhpDig, while it
viewed fine on other pages of my Web site, it wouldn't view properly on .  At that page, it wouldn't
display the View Results link nor the link that goes back to /.  It could be possible that I needed to write the
template for the search page in XML, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, after being dissatisified with both the textfile version and MySQL
version of Advanced Poll 2.0.3., I decided on programming my own PHP poll.
Now, I have very little experience with PHP, and after looking at the copy
of Advanced Poll that I still had on my laptop, it looked pretty Greek to
me.  What I was wondering is if there're any Web sites out there that offer
tutorials on how to create PHP poll scripts.  I found one at , but it didn't show
how to create an administration area.  If anyone knows of any other tutorial
Web sites, please feel free to reply to this post.  Thanks for your time.

Destroyer X

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