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Ok, let's go again.
I was surfing in Internet and I was trying to find some good code
about security.
There is a lot of them, using cookies and sessions.
Anothers hiding variables an others stuffs.
Question is:  What is best way that you use (technique) to get safe
(may be your site or system)?
Thanks for your time.

Alvaro J. Vera Alvarado

Re: Another question about Security

On May 5, 5:37 pm, ""
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That depends almost completely on what your site does and how it is
done. For general things, you can disable PHP's register_globals
option (you'll find that in php.ini, or you can write a short snippet
that unregisters the globals like phpBB forums do, or .htaccess can
sometimes help with PHP switches) and mysql_real_escape_string()
specific input before inserting into your database to prevent SQL
injection (magic_quotes may be enabled already, it's preferable to
disable that and escape stuff yourself so you can be sure it's working
all of the time).

You can also give mod_security a try, some hosts implement it
(DreamHost does). It covers a some things you might miss.

-Mike PII

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