[ANNOUNCE] PRADO component framework for PHP 5 v1.7 released

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PRADO is an event-driven and component-based framework for developing
Web applications in PHP 5. Developing a PRADO Web application mainly
involves instantiating prebuilt component types, configuring them by
setting their properties, responding to their events by writing handler
functions, and composing them into pages for the application. PRADO is
very similar to ASP.NET in many aspects.

PRADO is an open source project hosted at sourceforge:
http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/prado /
You may participate in the forum at the project website:
http://www.xisc.com /

Version 1.7 is a major update over the previous version. It has the
following major changes,

- solved the incompatibility problem of Javascript used in validators
- enhanced event handler binding (allow binding indirect child
component events in template)
- introduced parent-child relationship, the old one renamed to
container-containee relationship
- expression, statement tags with context being themselves
- replaced TApplication::getInstance() with pradoGetApplication()
- implemented handler concept in TApplication
- added handler classes: TResourceParser, TResourceLocator, TRequest,
TCacheManager, and TErrorHandler
- defined new exception classes
- TComponent added many properties
- introduced module concept and implemented TModule
- implemented application state handling
- added AutoTrim to TTextBox
- removed the application-level data encoding
- instantiateTemplate will init properties
- addChild will also load view state and synchronize life cycle of the
new component
- added blog example
- added new components including TFormLabel, TValidatorGroup,
TFileUpload, TCheckListBox, TListControl
- added a tutorial for using validators
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