[ANNOUNCE] coWiki is looking for a new maintainer

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Hello community, hello reader,

the coWiki web collaboration project is looking for a new maintainer to
take over the further development, programming and extension of this
excellent software. Maybe it is you?

"coWiki what?"

  If you do not know coWiki, you may take a look at
   * <http://www.develnet.org/CoWiki/ (the site is driven by coWiki)
   * <http://freshmeat.net/projects/cowiki/
   * <http://www.google.com/search?q=cowiki>.">http://www.google.com/search?q=cowiki>.

About the coWiki project:

  In 2002, coWiki was the first bigger GPLed (GNU General Public  
  License) object oriented web collaboration tool that was entirely
  written in upcoming PHP 5. It is a bit different to other wikis that
  are hyped these days: coWiki saves its data structure in XML (which
  has a high potential to be transformed and exported e.g. HTML, PDF or
  RTF formats), it consists of plugins (very easy to extend) and it
  provides a hierarchical document/directory structure guarded by a
  powerfullunixlike permission system.

  coWiki never loses a hyperlink reference to a linked document as those
  references are automagically repaired. Hence its impossible to meet or
  generate a broken link within a coWiki document web site structure,
  even if you rename your documents while your work is evolving.
  It is almost needless to say, that coWiki is template based,
  multilingual and based on the object oriented programming paradigm

  Meanwhile a lot of private people, companies and institutions benefit
  from this software world wide:
What is coWiki good for:

  In 2001 I was working on different software projects for a small
  company in Germany, and after I was finished with my work, I
  reflected in my leisure time that we needed something that helps us
  to gather documentation for a customer.

  The tedious compilation of documents, hints, hacks, links, howtos and
  so on for documentation purposes of a software development process was
  coerced me to develop an application where the involved non-tech
  people could gather their knowledge, and - if desired - to export it
  for a customer documentation on a click of a button. This idea lead to

About my part in this game:

  I've been developing and maintaining the popular PHP 5 coWiki web
  collaboration software since 2001 and as time passes by, personal
  challenges and interests change as well as professional
  responsibilities, claims and preferences. Due to the given situation I
  am not able to maintain the coWiki project any further. I am very
  sorry to give the child away but I hope it is going to find an other
  place where it grow up and get adult.

Facing facts:

  Either one of you gets infected by the coWiki idea, its possibilities
  and its future potential or this open source project is ultimatively
  doomed to die. I hope that there is anybody willing to take over the
  maintenance, the helm and lead coWiki to a better future.

What can you do? What will you get?

  You can take over the development lead of the coWiki project and
  develop it further to make it the meet your expectations and visions.
  You, the new maintainer will of course get all the technical support
  (the entire CVS code, mailinglists management if you like etc.) and of
  course my attention and answers to emerging questions. I will help you
  as much as I can. I am also willing to contribute code to the base and
  fix bugs if I have time left.

  If you are interested in PHP 5, its object oriented capabilities,
  maybe want to learn something en route and feel challenged and want to
  take over this project, please write to the developer mailing list at
    <cowiki-dev (at) develnet (dot) org>

  or directly to my email private address. If you write to me personally
  please use the term "coWiki" in the subject.

My heartblood:

  coWiki shouldn't miserably perish on its last steps to evolve into a
  great free software application. Take a look on it, maybe you will
  like it and lead it in the future. Just dare.
  Please note that coWiki is distributed under the GNU General Public
  License (GPL) and hence a potential source of money.

For further questions please drop an email to

  <cowiki-dev (at) develnet (dot) org>

Thank you, regards dtg

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