[ANNOUNCE] Andromeda Framework Now on Sourceforge

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

The Andromeda Framework now has a sourceforge site,

In addition, there is a new easier-to-remember site for the project itself:


We have created a new set of introduction pages that walks you through the
broad set of features, and have started a "one tutorial per day" campaign,
which presently has 10 tutorials online and 5 more due today and tomorrow.

Andromeda has now been installed successfully on Mac OS X, as well as Linux.

Andromeda is not an MVC framework.  In fact, Andromeda is so different from
nearly all other PHP frameworks that we sometimes call it the
"unframework".  These differences stem from prior experience with MVC and
ORM in prior lives on other platforms, and lead to the rejection of MVC for
any framework that seeks to survive beyond its first language.

Andromeda focuses on creating detailed specifications of a database,
including security, constraints, and automations.  Security involves saying
who can do what to which table, down to column and row.  Constraints
enforce business rules in such ways as preventing the save of an order line
that would exceed the customer's credit limit.  Automations are such things
as calculating price * qty, taxes, summing orders, and so forth.

Once these are specified, the Andromeda builder builds the database and
writes the trigger code that enforces the specification.  Screens which
have no special UI needs require no code, not even an empty class
definition.  From there you add special screens where human needs require,
such as for schedules, which typically do better with a screen that looks
like a calendar.  
Kenneth Downs
Secure Data Software, Inc.

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