[ANNOUNCE] Andromeda Database Framework

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Hello everybody,

The Andromeda Framework is a programmer productivity tool especially
suited for developers with complex database requirements, who must have
powerful admin screens and expose data on the web.  We are currently
proceeding towards Release 1, and want to give advance notice to anybody
who may want to take an early interest in our unique approach.

We have a demo of our current admin interface at
http://www.andromeda-project.org/demo .  You can log in with username
"finguest" and password "finguest".  The screens you see in that demo
are all zero-code.  The entire application contains only a single file
with only 3 lines of code in it.

The current demo is FIREFOX ONLY.  On January 17th the core team will be
doing a hack-a-thon to finish off support for IE 6 and 7.  Further
announcements will be made when we have that working.

Other limitations at this time:

-> Our docs are badly in need of cleanup, this is pending
-> Installing on Windows is not yet smooth or easy, we hope to get to
that on the 17th as well.

Andromeda is not "yet another PHP MVC Framework."  It is radically
different from other frameworks in a variety of ways.  The most
significant difference is our heavy use of a very powerful data
dictionary.  When using Andromeda, you begin by specifying as much as
possible of the application in a data file, which includes all security,
constraints, and calculations.  Andromeda provides a rich set of "legos"
that you can put together in any way to specify very large amounts of
business rules without coding.

Then our "builder" program creates your database and encodes the
business rules directly into it.

The admin screens you see in the demo are based on the use of "profiles"
that are specified in the data dictionary.  The "GL Account Types" table
gets a profile of "tabDiv" (our term for grid), and Andromeda presents a
grid interface with no coding.  The "Customers" and "Orders" screens use
our most complex profile, "conventional", suitable for tables with one
ore more children.

Of course you can modify these screens and code your own.

Andromeda happens to be written in PHP, because I like PHP, but it does
not claim to be a "PHP Framework".  It is a productivity tool that
happens to be written in PHP.

We are on a fast track to clean up the docs, finish off Windows
compatiblity (especially an installer), and get it ready for Release 1.
  All comments on this early demo are welcome.

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