ANN: PHP4/PHP5 TestCoverage and Profiling tools available

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Semantic Designs announces the release of Test Coverage
and Profiling tools for PHP4 and PHP5, as additions
to its existing family of PHP Formatting and Obfuscating tools.

Test Coverage tools tell you what part of your PHP scripts
have not been executed by any tests.  As part of your
development process, you build tests (right?).  If you
run those tests, they may pass, but this doesn't mean
that you have tested all of your code. The Test Coverage
tool will tell you what code has NOT been tested,
so that you may improve your tests.  This helps avoids
bugs found in public by website visitors.
If you want to build quality websites, this tool will help.

Profiling tools tell you where your scripts are spending
most of their computing energy, so that you can tune
the code in those places.  If you want to build
hi-performance websites, this tool will help.

Both tools work can operate on the entire set of PHP website
scripts, no matter how large, or any arbitrary subset.
Both tools have low enough overhead, so that you can
actually run them on live web scripts, to see how your
scripts react to the real world.


Ira D. Baxter, Ph.D., CTO   512-250-1018
Semantic Designs, Inc.

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