[ANN] phc 0.2.0 release

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Announcing phc 0.2.0, an open source compiler for PHP. This release
compiles all of PHP5 (except OO) to executable code. We are fully
compatible with the Zend engine and the generated code can make use of
all the PHP extensions; generated code at the moment is approximately
1.5 faster than when run with PHP5.

phc can be downloaded from http://phpcompiler.org/downloads.html . The
changelog is too long to post here, but is available at
http://phpcompiler.org/src/ChangeLog . We welcome comments and bugs
reports, to our mailing list (http://phpcompiler.org /

We are actively looking for contributors to phc. PHP skills are
useful, as are skills with C and C++, especially related to PHP
internals. Please see http://phpcompiler.org/contribute.html if you
are interested, or contact us on on our mailing list.

Paul Biggar

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