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I'd like to announce the availability of ModelWalker 0.1, a MySQL
browser, which allows to browse MySQL DBs while respecting relations.
Please download here:

   http://www.purephp5.com /

While phpMyAdmin's Designer allows to 'draw' relations between
entities (tables), it has certain restrictions. For example, you can't
define a relation, which points from a non UNIQUE or non PRIMARY KEY
columns to some other entity.

From a formal position, this might be reasonable. Form a practical
point of view, it tends to be a bit too restricted.

ModelWalker tries  to provide a way to relate whatever attribute of an
entity to whatever other attribute of another entity.

Technically, ModelWalker uses a so called model file by means of a
YAML file, which defines entities, attributes and relations.   To
simplify the usage of ModelWalker, it provides methods to create a
default model and to create relations by means of an 'Assistent'.
Alternatively, you can edit the YAML-based model file using e.g.
Eclipse [UTF-8 encoding].

While ModelWalker comes with a GERMAN documentation, I currently don't
have an ENGLISH one. Anyway, you should be able to use it, since using
it requires just the change of some lines in a 10 lines index.php
file. To get started, the source archive includes a sample MySQL DB.

Please note:

- ModelWalker isn't ment to replace phpMyAdmin: For now, it is
basically a tool to simply browsing through a database.
- ModelWalker is in a very early stage: Don't expect security issues
to be kept in mind for now. The application is ment for your non-
public DEV environment.
- I'll release early: So you might wish the have a look to the source
archive from time to time.
- Use at your own risk!

Kind regards,


Re: [ANN] ModelWalker 0.1 - A relational MySQL DB b rowser

May be ,you need to  output de charset info for your site

justRIA wrote:
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Re:  ModelWalker 0.1 - A relational MySQL DB browse r

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Thx, did it! While ModelWalker is an early release, the site itself is
a very early one ;-)

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