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I'm offering free mysql hosting service for developers. The service is
in beta and would appreciate any feedback.
The creation form is located at .


Re: ANN: Developers, Free MySQL hosting

Looks cute.

I'd prefer to see a bit about what I'm getting before having to sign  
up for it.

Mark Stanton
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Re: ANN: Developers, Free MySQL hosting

On 27 Mar 2006 10:48:18 -0800, "Ryan  Cozzubbo"

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What's to beta?  Either it works or it doesn't.  (Ours, for example,
works. But then we don't ADVERTISE in a comp group for it)

gburnore at DataBasix dot Com  
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Re: ANN: Developers, Free MySQL hosting

Ryan  Cozzubbo wrote:

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Ryan, I am sure you are a decent bloke, but the problem here is that we
don't know whether you are or not. If you consider the things that may be
put into a mysql database, even from the start there is a users typical
username and password that is used for developement, then some data for
test purposes, users log in information ....

We have to work with sites by registered companies/hosts.

I think you intend to be a host for the hobbyist so he/she can simply try
things out. Which is fine, but you should pitch your introduction in those
lines as well as mentioning that as a non-profit site there is always the
risk that you will go over your included bandwidth, at which point you
either have to charge or shut down the service until the next allocation

Always pitch hobbies at the hobbyist, particularly as that disclaimer you
say people agree to once they fill out your form means nothing. They are
subject to the law of the country that they are in, if it is not illegal to
run a public databases of thick thighed large boobed girls scantily dressed
and on £20 an hour (available in your local area) in their country, then
your site is an open door for those who would sell this stuff. How would
you feel about being the host of a database of Phillipene chinese babies
for sale to the highest bidder?

There are many ways your site could be abused. I'm not picking on you, I
just want you to be carefull, remember that what ever ends up on your site
is also subject to the rules of your ISP, you alone are responsible for
seeing that users of your site keep to those rules, you can do yourself a
big favour by passing those rules onto your clients and having them agree
to them also.

Can I suggest that you look at simmilar forum/geek type web sites, join a
couple of them to see how they do, read the agreements they have users sign
and take a look at the way the site is pitched to its intended audience.
Expect to have to pay, a popular site will quickly take you over a standard
account bandwidth , down/up load limit.

I want you to succeed, but I don't want you to be open to abuse. As it
happens, you have given much more information about yourself and your
server than a bad host would have done, so I am certain that you are
genuine.  So all I'm asking is that you think again about how best you go
about this.

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