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Hi, i'm new in this newsgroup,

I'm working on a web based managerial software in my company and, for  
speed-up my work, have created a framework

This framework uses the PHP and JAVASCRIPT technology.

the innovation in this work is the approach:

You don't need to write specific code in PHP or JS, but you need only to  
define a page structure applying the rules and conventions of the  
develop environment.

for example this code create a totally working AJAX-form, like MSAccess  
mask :

<SECTION GEOMETRY="500px,300px" >
    <SOCKET ID="sock1" DSN="demo" TABLE="Customers" FIELDS="*"  
KEYFIELD="CustomerID" CANREAD="true">
    <AJFORM ID="form1" DSN="sock1" CANREAD="true" VERBOSE="false" >
ASINCRONO" WRAP="true" NOWRAP="false" STYLE="text-align:center;font:20px  
arial,sans;background-color:lightgrey;" >
    <LABEL GEOMETRY="16px,56px,465px,37px" CAPTION="Per la dimostrazione ho  
importato una tabella con dei dati fittizi e la ho collegata ad un form  
in questa finestra." STYLE="font:12px arial,sans;" >
    <AJFTEXT GEOMETRY="128px,106px,170px,20px" ID="testo1" FORM="form1"  
FIELD="CompanyName" STYLE="border:1px solid grey;" >
    <LABEL GEOMETRY="16px,106px,106px,20px" CAPTION="Ragione sociale :"  
STYLE="font:12px arial,sans;" NOWRAP="true" >
    <LABEL GEOMETRY="16px,128px,106px,20px" CAPTION="Indirizzo :"  
STYLE="font:12px arial,sans;" >
    <LABEL GEOMETRY="16px,152px,94px,20px" CAPTION="Citta' :"  
STYLE="font:12px arial,sans;" >
    <LABEL GEOMETRY="16px,176px,106px,20px" CAPTION="Paese :"  
STYLE="font:12px arial,sans;" >
    <AJFTEXT GEOMETRY="128px,128px,170px,20px" STYLE="border:1px solid  
grey;" ID="testo2" FORM="form1" FIELD="Address" >
    <AJFTEXT GEOMETRY="128px,152px,170px,20px" STYLE="border:1px solid  
grey;" ID="testo3" FORM="form1" FIELD="City" >
    <AJFTEXT GEOMETRY="128px,176px,170px,20px" STYLE="border:1px solid  
grey;" ID="testo4" FORM="form1" FIELD="Country" >
    <BUTTON GEOMETRY="112px,272px,70px,20px" CAPTION="Avanti"  
ONCLICK="form1.moveNext();" >
    <BUTTON GEOMETRY="26px,271px,70px,20px" CAPTION="Indietro"  
ONCLICK="form1.movePrev();" >

You can see a demonstration at this website :

If you think that code is a little bit complicated, in past 2 month  i  
created the Integrated Develop Environment (IDE) which is accessible at  
this link by clicking the 'Editor' button.

This is still in harder development, but you can try to modify the  
'forms>modificabili>editable.xml' pages by picking one in the tree menu  
at left side.

After editor start you can drag the pre-existent webgets (an web version  
of controls in MSVBasic) or drag and drop one new from  left-top frame.

At last you can see a working version by clicking 'Salva' and the  
'Anteprima' from the top bar.


P.S. I'm italian and my english can will be incomprensible. Excuse me.

Re: an opinion about this work - PHP/JS framework

A note : the editor works only in Firefox.

Re: an opinion about this work - PHP/JS framework

Quoted text here. Click to load it

How is the XML generated? Do you have a drag-and-drop editor
of somekind? In other words, can you click form-element icons
and then drag them down onto a blank screen, press then press
a buttom to generate the XML?

Re: an opinion about this work - PHP/JS framework

pittendrigh ha scritto:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

At the bottom of my previous post you can read some simple steps to  
access the editor.

Note : the framework is created to be fully compatible with Firefox and  
Internet Explorer, but the editor, for programming convenience (the  
built-in DOM inspector of FF is a great tool for programming javascript  
object model) is compatible only with FireFox.

You can also go to my blog to understand a little more, but only italian  
version is available.

Go to

This editor is inspired from VisualBasic.

The framework is born to create web applications like local applications  
with simplicity, it include many functions for now only partially  
implemented :

- Internationalization
- themed webgets
- easy effects implementation
-globally managed security :
    Users can own homes with personalized settings and               
    Conditional access to the forms and reports is centrally managed with  
only one xml file.
- Internal structure is organized to join third parties contributions  
easily. New libraries can be made and plugged in following the rules of  
the framework.
- Multiple type of data sources with the 'base-libraries' : All data  
sources supported by PHP plus tables based on cvs and xml data structures.

And more...

the editor is accessible from this site :

By clicking one file in the tree at the left side the editor will be opened.

You can modify only files called 'editable'.

Drag and drop in the dotted area some labeled icons in the top  left frame.

Click one webget dropped over the grid and look the property area in the  
bottom left of the page. The content changes according to the selected  
webget in the dotted area.

Try to place some webgets and go to the top bar.

Click 'Salva' button and then 'Anteprima' button.


Re: an opinion about this work - PHP/JS framework

Kimmo Laine wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Unless next_page.php generates PHP, the script with this include will
only get HTML.

Quoted text here. Click to load it


    if (isset($_GET['foo'])) {
      echo '<?php echo $_GET[\'foo\']; ?>';
    } else {
      echo '<?php echo \'Not available\'; ?>';

File not found: (R)esume, (R)etry, (R)erun, (R)eturn, (R)eboot

Re: an opinion about this work - PHP/JS framework

The site is :

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