An introduction by ways of explaining my intentions.

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The name's Bray and I've recently become interested in two things,  
OpenBSD and website programming. The plan is simple, I want to create a  
picture database that holds my photos and an online posting for articles  
  written by myself and possibly others.
The biggest hurdle I face is learning php and using the (minimal)  
knowledge of perl that I currently have to implement my goals so expect  
my name to show up periodically on this forums.
Thank you;

Re: An introduction by ways of explaining my intentions.

bray wrote:

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PHP or Perl? Which would you like to use? I wouldn't suggest mixing both in
the same project except in exceptional circumstances. Mixing programming
languages can lead to writing a lot of duplicate code

Say, for example, you have some web pages written in Perl and some in PHP.
Both types have to deal with logged in users. You now have to write a Perl
subroutine called "&check_user_is_logged_in" and also a PHP function
called "check_user_is_logged_in()". Twice the work. And what if they're
slightly incompatible? The user might find that their logged in state
varies from page to page.

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