AN .amr media player for a PHP website

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Hello All,

Please, I do not know if this is the write forum to ask this question.  Kindly assist if it anyone can;

I want to play .amr audio files on my php website.  I do not need to convert to any other format before playing these .amr audio files.

I will not mind the following;

a.  An  .amr  media player that I can embed into my website, so it becomes part of my website and play my .amr audio files.  I am okay accommodating the media player files in my website

b. If there is any web plugin of any media player that can play .amr audio files, I will be glad to have it. I do not mind including this plugin as part of my website files

c. If there is a php/ javascripts/ jquery library that can play .amr audio files on a PHP website,  I am interested. I will buy even if the library is paid.

d.  Any other means that I can use to play .amr audio files in my PHP website.

Thanks in anticipation for a helpful response.


Re: AN .amr media player for a PHP website

On 1/27/2016 3:26 PM, Chijioke Kenneth wrote:
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I don't understand.  Are you saying you have .amr files on your website?

Media players go on the client's machine, not the server.  The server
only has to send the file (and possibly set the appropriate headers).

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Jerry Stuckle

Re: AN .amr media player for a PHP website

Chijioke Kenneth schrieb am 2016-01-27 um 21:26:

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PHP runs on the *server*. This has nothing to do with playback in the

And no - there is also no JavaScript-library which can decode and
playback audio formats which are not already supported by the browser -
this is technically not possible.

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This has nothing to do with PHP at all. The browser or some browser
plugin needs to be able to play back the file format.

When using the HTML 5 <audio> tag to embed the audio file you usually
can only use MP3, OGG and WAV - and only MP3 is supported by every major

Since Flash is also not able to play back AMR you will also not find any
Flash based player which you could embed.

Quicktime supports AMR and this could be used using <embed> - but then
every visitor has to install Quicktime first before listening to the AMR
files on your site.

So my recommendation is to convert the AMR files to MP3 and use <audio>
to embed them.

Arno Welzel

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