ampersands in database fields

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The subject title is a sedgeway into my question that may slightly of
topic but I've asked many sources and don't have an answer yet so I ask
it here.

I have a text fields of html marked up content which I render via php.
Looking at the rendered html page in a text editor I see that ampersands
all appear as   &   When I select the field via sql I also see &

I have a pretty standard seach, Fulltext and substring (ie. %keyword%)
searches. There's an acronym in my content:   NA&SD    and when I try
searching for this it really mucks up. The Fulltext no matter what I try
does not get a hit. The substring search will work properly if I put the
following in the search form:    NA&SD    that works.  But trying
the substring search with   NA&SD   produces weird results...kinda works
but strangely and affects the rendering of the search results page.

So what's the cause of all this? Should I upfront load my db text fields
differently, or, search them differently - what is the  fix  via mysql
or php for the ampersand problem?

Lee G.
Washington DC

Re: ampersands in database fields


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That's good.

That's bad.

The data in the database should not contain any language-specific
encodings (entities etc.), it should be in raw format. Then when you
print out data on an HTML page you just have to run it through

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You should fix the data in MySQL.

First make a backup of the db (dump it to a file with mysqldump).

Then you could use a copy of the backup file, replace all & with &
and import the data again. Or you could login to MySQL and fix it with
some UPDATE queries, something like

UPDATE yourTable SET column = REPLACE(column, '&', '&')


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