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My boss has saddled me with this task, so I don't know all the
specifics. What I do know, is that I am looking for something similar
to this:

<form action="<? echo $PHPSELF ?>" method="POST">

Syntax aside, I think you can see what we are trying to accomplish. We
want to use PHP to call the exact same page that the form is on, for
processing. I take it that the page with the form will also contain
some PHP code that is executed when the page is reloaded. We want to
be able to reload the page, independent of the page name. So that if
we decide to rename the page foo.php or bar.php, it doesn't matter
because the form reloads its own page by reference, and not by name.

Other than $PHPSELF, $PHP_SELF or $SERVER['PHP_SELF'] (that should
just about cover it), what other options are there? I am looking for
all possible ways to do this. If you want, please just respond with a
keyword or a code snippet. I can research the details. Thank you in

Re: Alternatives to $PHPSELF

Jerim79 wrote:

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Hi Jerim,

Many browsers reload if the href of a hyperlink or the action in a form is  
empty. I wouldn't trust that behaviour, however...

But WHY do you not want to use the obvious good solutions you described  

Sounds to me like: I want to fly to Autralia, and I know I can take a plane,  
but what other options do I have?

A baloon? Zeppelin?

Just take the plane.
Just use PHPSELF (any of the above that works).

Erwin Moller

Re: Alternatives to $PHPSELF

On Feb 20, 8:43 am, Erwin Moller
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My boss routinely gives me these types of assignments. Since I am
junior in CS, and have been working at this company for less than six
months, I take it that he is trying to give me some "learning"
opportunities. Or perhaps he is just testing me, to see if I have the
ability to come up with the answer.

Re: Alternatives to $PHPSELF

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I would suggest using the full tags as in <?php .... ?>

Re: Alternatives to $PHPSELF

Jerim79 schreef:
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all the variants of $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] have the flaw that they come  
from the user.. And thus are unsafe by definition...

Afaik, if you use <form action="#" method="POST"> all browsers will post  
    to the same URL that used to request the page. So you get the same  
behaviour, without the potential security issue.

Tim Van Wassenhove <url:

Re: Alternatives to $PHPSELF

Tim Van Wassenhove wrote:
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I use action="?". It works for either GET or POSTing.


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