Alternative PHP Cache - not caching??

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I have PHP 4.4.3 and APC 3.0.11 installed. I can see APC in the
PHPInfo() information and I can run apc.php, but I never see anything
other that apc.php in the System Cache Entries list. I also have stat
turned on so that it automatically checks for modified scripts incase
they need to be reloaded.

If I call apc_cache_info() from any of my scripts it shows my page and
all of it's includes properly, but the number of hits is always 0. The
base apc_chace_info() looks like this:

    [num_slots] => 2000
    [ttl] => 0
    [num_hits] => 0
    [num_misses] => 8
    [start_time] => 1155584676
    [expunges] => 0
    [mem_size] => 826296
    [num_entries] => 8

Do I need to set privilages to a directory, that maybe it's failing
when writing to?  


Re: Alternative PHP Cache - not caching??

Joshua Ruppert wrote:
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Ok, so I looked a little closer and apc.php is not being saved in the
cache. APC.php is just doing the same thing as the rest of my scripts
and is never actually saved into the cache.

Does APC only work with ISAPI as opposed to CGI?


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