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Online dating site altsex4fun recently abandoned
its paid model and is experiencing explosive growth since becoming
100% free.This is the new reality . The industry is becoming
increasingly crowded day by day, AdWords CPC's keep going up and up
and up. It's a recipe for disaster for those sites thinking they can
rely on their subscription models. Altsex4fun  now relies entirely on
Google's AdSense program to provide revenue and the results so far
have surprised the Altsex4fun team. AdSense is performing well above
our expectations. We will explore other advertising programs in the
future but AdSense is delivering incredible results for us. Altsex4fun
is now positioned for exponential growth as it absorbs those members
who are sick of emptying their wallets for paid sites that offer less.
The online dating industry needs to position itself to combat the rise
of MySpace and Facebook. Sites that think they can offer a service for
$30 a month just to contact other members are dreaming. We are just
glad we woke up to this revolution when we did. It's now full steam
ahead of us. Altsex4fun offers a wide range of services to its members
such as forums, chat, photo voting and the ability to see who has
viewed your profile or voted on your profile. By operating locally in
each of its key markets, Altsex4fun is able to provide a local flavor
with local members. Members in Canada want to see other Canadians,
members in Australia want to talk to Australians. We have segmented
our site so that the user experience is much more rewarding.
Altsex4fun is a global dating site with localized sites in the USA,
Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. Altsex4fun has a
strong and loyal customer base due to the massive range of features it
now gives away for free.

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