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Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any documentation on allowed
characters/tags in non-html emails... (like bold etc..)

I can't seem to find any... :(

Re: Allowed characters + e-mail

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That's because there is none. It all depends on the client.

If you want to know how to transport these documents you should reed the
relevant RFCs: 2045-> 2049 and 2822 (and prob. many many more)).

Re: Allowed characters + e-mail

Eeerrr, err,  RFCs?

Sorry, but don't know where you mean i should look...

Thanks for the effort anyway!

Re: Allowed characters + e-mail

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Feed it to a searchengine, eg:  rfc 2822

Re: Allowed characters + e-mail

I'll explain my problem a little bit more:

I'm sending info from a form on a website. Noticing that there are
quite a lot of people that have html-messages turned off in their
e-mail application, i decided not to use e-mail messages....

My problem is that i do want to have a luttle control over the layout,
like font size, bold, italic etc. Basic stuff. Now all i the control i
have is by adding [spaces] and   \n   and \r, and i find that that
gives me a quite poorl layout...

Re: Allowed characters + e-mail

frizzle wrote:
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You shuld read the RFC describing the MIME format. You can divide a mail
into a plaintext and a HTML version. This way the receivers mailclient
can display the "correct" version. That is, if the receiver (like me)
dosn't like HTML mails I would rather have a okay plaintext mail than be
forced to read the HTML version.

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