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I have problem with Firefox. I have such code:
 $xml = "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>";

 $xml.="<tr><td colspan=\"5\">
 <input type=\"hidden\" value=\"".$licznikk."\" name=\"il_poz_juz_wygener\"  
 <input type=\"text\" value=\"".$licznikk."\"  
name=\"il_poz_juz_wygener_post\" id=\"il_poz_juz_wygener_post\">
 <textarea name=\"utwory_wypadniete\" id=\"utwory_wypadniete\" cols=\"60\"  

 echo $xml;

<form name="form_nowe_notowanie" action="" method="post"  
  <table style="text-align:left;" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"  
   <td colspan="4">
   <div id="div_lp_lista">
       <input type="text" value="<?=$licz; ?>" name="il_poz_juz_wygener"  

Div with id="div_lp_lista" is the div which is replaced by ajax event.

 After posting the form

echo $_POST["il_poz_juz_wygener_post"]

gives me 30 in Internet explorer 7.0., but on Firefox

gives me null

I don`t know why. I spent 3 hours on it and I cannot find any error.

Could you help me solve this problem?

Thank you in advance  

Re: ajax problem

Quoted text here. Click to load it

post the faulty javascript on the comp.lang.javascript, use a cross
browser ajax library and when you write code make sure its cross
browser js by not using M$ methods that only work with IE.

Re: ajax problem

I know what it was.

Firstly, I have the error in the code. I have validated it by w3 validator  
and I had to change div not to have blank lines before pasting xml code by  
ajax because it also generated a problem.

After this all my page is html valid and forms is work well.

I think the main problem was in the <form> tag, because I have had it on the  
not good place and firefox html interpreter didn`t see the <form> tag after  
submitting form and all of the form <input>s were empty

Firebug helped me a lot to fix the problem.

Kindest regards

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