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I had Apache 2.0.59 running on WinXP Home with PHP 5.1.6. I upgraded
PHP 5.1.6 to PHP 5.2.0. My Apache Services Monitor window's status bar
correctly shows me "Apache/2.0.59(Win32) PHP/5.2.0" but when I exectute

a test.php file which has nothing but <? phpinfo() ?>, I see "PHP
5.1.6" as the version. Does anyone has any idea as what is going on

I have restarted a couple of time Aapache after installing PHP 5.2.0. I

also checked the paths of PHPIniDir and it points to PHP 5.2.0 version
and not to PHP 5.1.6.

Is this a bug in PHP or I am doing something wrong?  



Re: After upgrading PHP...

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 This can happen if you've got an older copy of php5ts.dll hanging around in a
directory that's earlier in the PATH environment variable as seen by the
webserver. The webserver loads this, and you end up with an inconsistent mess
of versions.  

 The line shown in status comes from php5apache2.dll, but the version in
phpinfo() (and the majority of functionality) comes from php5ts.dll.

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