advise needed

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Hi all.

First. I've no access to mysql NG, so I ask here.

We are looking for a system where user pay for having their article on

Only 5 articles are shown every time.
The length of the service is 2 weeks.
The articles should be shown equally between clients.
If a user select a particular object in search engine, then coming back on
the homepage the shown article should reflect their need.

How to create a mysql query to get equally chances between articles ?

If only 2 announces of 5 are bought, I then want to fill the free places
with professionals articles.

I'd like to get random article from professionals, but not 2 articles from
the same pro. How to do so ? also with query (not with PHP)

If isn't possible, on PHP should I get all announces then try to find
randomly between results ?


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