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I just launched a website and would like to know what people think
about it. It's a search engine dedicated exclusively to finding
scripts and searches among the most resourceful script directories on
the internet. It would be great if you could try a search and tell me
what you think about it, if there's anything to change/add, or if it
simply is a tool no one will want of. Thank you

The site is:

Re: Advice - Script Search site with over 100,000 resources

Pik Webmaster wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

#1 hit for a search of the word "eval" is to a dead site.

But with the state of poorly written javascripts that are generally
widely available on the web, the fewer resources that point to them, the
better it would be.

comp.lang.javascript FAQ -

Re: Advice - Script Search site with over 100,000 resources


Just read this and though ... GREAT IDEA ... especialy as I was
searching for a script the other day. So I went to you site and tried
the following:

searchengine spider directory

In other words I am looking for a searchengine script which has its
own directory and uses a spider to do the indexing. Sounds simple, no.

The result was about 7-8 entries. So I grabbed the second or the third
and clicked. Arrived at the site and was confronted with the

There are 3586 listings that contain ram in the author's name.

So here are my two cents worth. You need to improve on where you send
the people. Somehow the correct page wasn't identified where the
answer came from.

The idea is great.

I would still suggest that you add a direcotry to it as well. Search
is great, but ever ben in the mood to have a look around, or weren't
sure how the guy could have described the script that you might be
looking for.

Re: Advice - Script Search site with over 100,000 resources

You should replace

 <input maxLength="256" size="55" name="q" value="">


 <input type="text" maxLength="256" size="55" name="q" value="">

Otherwise e.g. Firefox will not properly recognize it as what it's supposed
to be.


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