Advice for Literature on PHP-Based Web Development Business Models

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I know this might sound crazy, but I am thinking I want to see if I can earn
an income off of what I know and what I have done with HTML/CSS/Javascript-
AJAX/PHP/MySQL, and so naturally I want to see how to establish a business

My market is the developing world--where I live---so small business owners as
a target demand setting up customized/personalized databases is something I
think can work with.  Also I can develop scientific applications for
government agencies and universities (in their native language as well as

So I want to read books or get the experience of those who know about
business models.

Should software be sold at a higher-priced package?

Or should it be subscription?

And if subscription, what is the best way to protect (de-activate) code for
non-payers?  (I have never really had to consider that at all.)

Book titles and (other) free advice, especially of those experienced in
"emerging markets" (the developing and undeveloped worlds) are welcome.

Re: Advice for Literature on PHP-Based Web Development Business Models

On 27/09/12 07:28, Seni Seven wrote:

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Much depends on your business model, there is the microsoft way, charge
loads for software and support and then there is the other model where
you have the software for free, but charge a reasonable amount for the
Depending how you do things, you may need to pay for a commercial MySQL

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subscriptions require more work, as you need to keep track of who pays
and who don't and you need to send out new invoices (specially if you go
for a monthly subscription).

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One common way is to make a "call home" feature which makes the system
to work only if the license check comes back a valid.

As you will be fighting against the big guys, you may consider to
release your software as GPL or similar licensed and offer support
(installation, running and so on), try to make at least one year
contracts. If you aren't charging for the software, then you have an
advantage to a competitor who may charge 5000EUR or more.
Try to not go to low on the support, stay at the same level as you
competitors or slightly under for the same amount of support.

People who don't pay for the support will not get any help and it's so
much faster to just check that when they call you and you have easy
money if you have your system running smoothly without hiccups.



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