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Hello Folks,

I have noticed that in website stats something along the lines of "" could this be used to determine whether or not a surfer
is using broadband?

Or is there a better way?


Re: ADSL Sniffing

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Re: ADSL Sniffing

darren wrote:
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Yes, I'm not sure what function is used to find an domain name from the
IP, but after you have it it's just preg_match for the word "dsl".

Re: ADSL Sniffing

CyberDog said the following on 24/06/2005 10:03:
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Not reliably. e.g. Just looked up my external IP with nslookup, and it's *

And I'm definitely on broadband.

The domain name for the external IPs from the network at my university
also have no mention of "dsl", or anything like that.

* it's not anymore, I've reconnected, in case anyone bad wanted to do
naughty things to my connection ;)


Re: ADSL Sniffing

*** darren wrote/escribió (Fri, 24 Jun 2005 08:22:37 +0000 (UTC)):
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Only if all broadband users in the world connect from Great Britain with
MadeUpISP(tm) and that ISP has separate IP ranges for modem and broadband

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I can think of three better ways:

1) Ask user
2) Perform a speed test
3) Optimize your site so line speed is not important

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