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I am developing a multilevel marketing system. This system will provide
users their own website(virtual). No real disk space. just play by
database and account status (paid or not paid).

I would like to have the url of a registered user like this

I can create up to this point. when i tried to access this url. its the
requested url is not found..

Any ideas to make it work ?

Thanks in advance,

Re: adding username to Url

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If you have a directory for each username, and in that directory have an  
index.php or index.htm, then it should work.  I have a site I am developing  
and put all my management functions in a directory called manage which is  
password protected.  I access it as  All php and htm  
calls are in that directory (unless I specify ../ in the code).

I assume that you will have control over what is uploaded by first checking  
it before moving it into place.  If so, then you can check for   ../  
occurances and deny the upload.  Otherwise, you are opening up your world.


Re: adding username to Url

You can do this with mod-rewrite

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Re: adding username to Url

Apache rewrite is the most direct approach. Creating a symlink for each
user to the same directory would work too.

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