ActionListener for PHP???

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Quite a while back I used Java Swing (for Uni project) which allowed the  
developer to a create form and on the "Submit" button I recall adding  
something called an ActionListener. I was thinking of trying to do the  
something similar in PHP but a bit puzzled on how I would achieve it.

My thoughts are to have a class for a Textbox, class for a SubmitButton and  
a class called ActionListener which is invoked (is that the correct term??)  
when the SubmitButton is pressed. Each instance of the ActionListener class  
will have a seperate set of instructions.

Does anyone know of any tutorials online that discuss something like above?  
I've looked at a couple of Frameworks and QCodo does something along these  



Re: ActionListener for PHP???

Phil Latio wrote:
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You don't do it the same way in PHP.  Java is much more event-driven  
than PHP; it's doing some things behind the scenes that PHP doesn't do  
for you.

When the submit button is pressed, a form is submitted to the server.  
This includes a request for the page identified in the action= parameter  
of your <form> element.

Java will take this request and drive the appropriate listeners for you.  
  PHP won't.  In PHP you get the input via either $_GET or $_POST  
(depending on the method= parameter) and handle the request.

It's a little more work for you to do it - but less overhead on the  
server (Java calls action listeners for every bean being used, whether  
you've overridden it or not).

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