Acrobat Reader 4 breaks Unicode PDF generated with TCPDF

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I generate Unicode PDFs with TCPDF, a Unicode compatible extension of FPDF.

While in newer Acrobat Reader versions the PDFs are displayed well,  
Acrobat Reader 4 (on both Mac OS 9.2 and Windows 98) displays weird  
characters. The fonts informations dialog shows that the fonts are  
embedded as TrueType (CID) in Identity-H encoding. I use the default  
Vera fonts delivered with TCPDF.

After converting the PDF to PS and re-generating a PDF with Distiller,  
it works also in Acrobat Reader 4; and the fonts informations dialog  
shows Type 1 as the format. I wonder if this can be done with TCPDF or  
with some addidional PHP code?

Thanks for any hint

Re: Acrobat Reader 4 breaks Unicode PDF generated with TCPDF

Markus, do you tried to build you own font definition files (like
arial) and to use them instead of the Vera fonts?


gr. Olaf
PHP classes and scripts:

Re: Acrobat Reader 4 breaks Unicode PDF generated with TCPDF schrieb:
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I tried how to find out how to do it - but I just don't understand how  
to use these tools; and I did not find a dummy-proof tutorial about the  
usage of the provided tools. I did not even find out what I have to  
learn in order to understand it... (Linux? Font technology? PDF file  

Double-clicking ttf2ufm.exe opens a DOS style window for an instant and  
closes it again. The readme shows syntaxes such as
ttf2pt1 [-options] ttffont.ttf -
Which are cryptic to me.

The source of makefontuni.php says:
print "Usage: makefontuni.php <ttf-file> <ufm-file>\n";
Which I don't understand.

I can build quite complex PHP applications that run well in shared  
hosting environments; and I can also make a working and good looking  
Font with FontLab, but I have no knowledge about the technologies in the  

Thanks for your reply, and if you know an easy tutorial about this I  
would highly appreciate to get pointed there!


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