Accessing superglobal elements

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I see that I can access a superglobal element using the index this

print("<p>$_GET[surname]</p>"); //(element index without any
delimiters within a double-quotation-mark-delimited string)

But not this way:

print("<p>$_GET['surname']</p>"); //(apostroph-delimited element index
within a double-quotation-mark-delimited string)

The latter gives me an error message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE,

Why is that? (I cant understand why PHP gets confused by that)

Is this configurable?


Re: Accessing superglobal elements

Michaelp wrote:
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Actually, the first should give you a notice, also.  But you evidently  
have notices disabled.

And no, you can't configure it.  Just use curly braces, i.e.

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Re: Accessing superglobal elements

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Posted the links only days ago, but here you go:

So, use:

(Well, actually, don't, unless you're sure you've checked the GET variable  
for XSS attacks.
Rik Wasmus

Re: Accessing superglobal elements

Rik is right--the curly's {} will do what you want to do, and you
should clean your variables from the user. PHP has some built-in
methods, but Cal Henderson has an even better way to do this:

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