Accessing mapped drives on Netware Server

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Apache 2.0.63
PHP 5.0.4
Windows XP Pro SP2
Novell Client 4.91 SP3

Moving from a Win 2K box with the same general WAMP setup above I am
having problems using mapped networked drives in PHP.  I have changed
the Apache service to run under my user ID and I have sufficient
rights for all of the resources that I desire to access on the server
[this is simply a test server running on my PC, not a production
server].  The problem I am running in to is that I can not use mapped
drive names\letters, only UNC paths work right:

//$dirpath = "I:\REPORTS\";

if (is_dir($dirpath)) .... returns TRUE and the script continues...

It has been several years since I had to go through this setup -- I
thought that the only thing I had to do was make sure not to run
Apache as a Local Service.  There must be something else I am
missing.  I don't remember any PHP changes required to make this work
-- did I miss something?  Any insights would be appreciated.  Sorry if
this is just an Apache\Windows issue and I have posted this to the
wrong group.  Thanks.

Re: Accessing mapped drives on Netware Server

On 20 Mar, 20:37, wrote:
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Are you mapping the drives from your profile or from the system start
up (is been so long ago I've forgotten how to do this). It sounds like
PHP is running in a different session from where the mapping exists.

Is it that much of a bugbear to use the unmapped network path?


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