Accessing GET variables with include file

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There is probably an easy solution to this that I've overlooked

I have a main file, call it main.php, and an include file,
myInclude.php.  I'm accessing main.php via:

$page = $REQUEST['page'];
if($page=="new") include('myInclude.php');

and try to access var1 and var2 from the include:
$var1 = REQUEST['var1'];
$var2 = REQUEST['var2'];
both $var1 and $var2 are empty in myInclude.php.  How do I "see" var1
and var2 from myInclude.php?


Re: Accessing GET variables with include file

$_REQUEST is a superglobal, so it's accessible at any scope. You may
have a typo: Try $_REQUEST instead of REQUEST. You might also set
error_reporting(E_ALL) to potentially catch some errors.

If you want just query string parameters, you could use $_GET instead
of $_REQUEST. There's also $_POST for posted variables.

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