Access to the $_SESSION variable

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I got a problem to access the $_SESSION variable in my script.

I wrote some login code: if the user logs in with his name and password
a user object is stored in the $_SESSION variable.

This all works fine , i can correctly read from that variable later on.

I have an old version of my site under a domain name and the new site
under another
domain name.
I wanted to link the domain name of the old site to the new one, but i
ain't got the data of that domain name (user name and password) so i
can't directly link it to the new site.

The 2 versions of the sites are also on different webspaces.

So i created a new index page on the old site. This page has a simple
frame in it wich loads the index of the new site, so far no problem,
but when i try to login it seems as if the $_SESSION variable is never

Is this possible, and does anyone have an explication for this or a


Re: Access to the $_SESSION variable

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I'm not sure if this is the problem, but I'd like to point out that session  
data is available only for pages under a certain domain. You can't share  
session data between and . (It wouldn't be very  
secure if you could)

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