Access to different database types

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i need your help.

I want to implement a php-script where I can access to different
database types as PostSQL, MySQL etc.
Is that possible? Furthermore I want to include an access
authorization which defines the write- or read-access of each user.

I hope this group could help me....I am looking for good ideas.

Thx for your help.


Re: Access to different database types schrieb:
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Yes it is possible and has already been solved a couple of times. Don't
waste time on reimplementing this but reside to using one of the
existing solutions like AdoDb or PEAR_DB. Using PDO already makes it
possible to access different DBMS but you have to write your SQL so that
it is accepted by all the DBMS you plan on using. For example, the code


will only work in a CREATE when using MySQL since most other DBMS have
another way of declaring auto-incrementing identifier columns.

Furthermore, you might want to use some ORM solution like Propel or one
of the solutions in the different frameworks depending on the nature of
your projects.


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Re: Access to different database types

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Agreed, PDO does have some good cross-database functionality, but, as
stated in it's name, PDO is not really designed to do this.  PDO
stands for PHP Data Objects and is designed to give a consistent
interface with databases, so you don't have to learn database-specific
PHP other words, it gives a "data-access" abstraction
layer.  What you're looking for is a database abstraction layer, which
really isn't too difficult to understand or implement.

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A simple user manager could solve this.

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