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I need to query a database for users with password and retrieve these
with a third variable, "level". That's easy.

username, password, level

If entered username and password exist, get these and the
corresponding level from the db.
This array of data should then be used in order to access one of four
web folders ONLY. This folder should only be accessible for those with
username and password and level matching from the row in the db.

It would be easy to limit access with .htaccess / .htpasswd in the
folder, but it's hundreds of records with users and passwords which
belong to one of four levels.

So how to solve this access protection?
(I am a really newbie, please be patient. I jus't need a solution to
this, hopefully with code. The server runs Apache - Fedora and php

Re: Access protection -how to

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Dear Nosferatum,

have a look at the PEAR library:

good luck

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