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I started to work with sessions and I have a doubt about users access.
Is there a way to allow a group of users to do something that another
group can't?

I mean, I am giving the chance to interchange customers between branch
managers, but I don't want the the personnel bellow manager can do it.
So if this personnel enter the application made in php, they can see
and do things different that the manager.

If there any article, page or explanation about it, I will appreciate.



Re: Access by user in php

zek2005 wrote:
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I do that on a number of projects by using the user management class
that I developed:

There isn't any real documentation for using it in the way of tutorials
or anything, but there is a set of example of scripts that make up the
UI for managing the users.

If you want more info or help integrating something like this, just send
me an email for more info.

Justin Koivisto, ZCE -

Re: Access by user in php

zek2005 wrote:
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Sorry, don't know :)
The easiest way would be to assign privileges to users. I assume you  
store staff records in database so, add something like 'access' field.  
Then, perhaps, have access=200 for managers and access=100 for personnel  
under them. In the script, before showing an "interchange" page, check  
the access of logged user, and if it is below 200, deny access.


- lüpher
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