Access Active Directory (of WINDOWS SERVER 2003) via LDAP

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I want to read user information from the microsoft windows 2003 server.

In the windows server 2003, i've create a domain, called "wissenskolleg".
I've assigned a password to it.

Now, i want get access to the Active Directory with PHP.

My code:

Always I've get the following error message: warning:  ldap_bind():  For
Unable ton bind tons of servers
I've found out, that $ds always return: Resource id #2
If i changed "" in "whyitis", it is all the same, i've can
only read: Resource id #2 and the same error with ldap_bind.

I hope you can understand the problem. Any useful hint is welcome.

Re: Access Active Directory (of WINDOWS SERVER 2003) via LDAP


Try checking out

Its the class that i used to connect to Active Directory. It handles
authentications as well as lots of other things.

I can post some code later if that doesn't help you. There are some
examples in the downloads section of that site as well.

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