abstract static methods?

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Was wondering shouldn't an abstract static method cause a E_STRICT ?

this is my test.

abstract class Test_Abstract
    protected abstract static function testStatic();

class Child extends Test_Abstract
    protected static function testStatic()
        echo 'what';
$test = new Child();

or how should i read this

"Due to an oversight, PHP 5.0.x and 5.1.x allowed abstract static
functions in classes. As of PHP 5.2.x, only interfaces can have them."


im running 5.2.2

Re: abstract static methods?

Mads Lee Jensen wrote:
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Hmm... this has to work (i.e. raise an error) - there is a check in ZE  
code, there is a test in tests/ and actually it does work on my self  
compiled php, but not on the precomp 5.2.3 binary. Weird.

However, I think disabling abstract statics was a rather stupid action  
and they definitely will be back soon, because late binding for statics  
is already on the way.

gosha bine

extended php parser ~ http://code.google.com/p/pihipi
blok ~ http://www.tagarga.com/blok

Re: abstract static methods?

Kimmo Laine wrote:
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Unless next_page.php generates PHP, the script with this include will
only get HTML.

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    if (isset($_GET['foo'])) {
      echo '<?php echo $_GET[\'foo\']; ?>';
    } else {
      echo '<?php echo \'Not available\'; ?>';

File not found: (R)esume, (R)etry, (R)erun, (R)eturn, (R)eboot

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