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Shortly, what is suPHP?

yes, I know the site (www.suphp.org), and I've getting some summary
information. but what is the suPHP's advantages, disadvantes, etc. I'm
working as as system administrator for a hosting company. What provide
to me?

Thanks .


Re: About suPHP

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 04:54:36 +0200, cafer@gawab.com (Cafer ?im?ek) wrote:

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 Have you asked on their mailing list? From a quick glance I can't see any
compelling reasons for using this over Apache's own suEXEC feature. If it did
something more clever, like maintained a pool of PHP interpreters with
different credentials so it had multiple users but the performance advantages
of running as a module, then it might make sense, but it just seems to be a
setuid CGI wrapper.
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Re: About suPHP

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and very poor performance
not for mass hosting servers  

Re: About suPHP

Yeah, the description they gave was confusing. At first I thought it
was an SAPI module that would somehow change the userid of the Apache
process handling the request to that of the owner of the php file. But
it looks to be a hardwired setuid CGI wrapper, as you said.

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