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I developed a PHP to send confirmation mail to my users.
The users complainthat the mail goes to the SPAM section each time.
What is the reason for this? I tested it several times, and I always get
the same result. The mail always gets spammed. This is very bad because
if a user doesn't get the confirmation, they won't even think that it's in
spam mail. The mail would therefore get stuck in their spam mail and I'll
lose my clients.

Looking forward to your reply.


Re: about send mail with php

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008 18:36:55 +0200, Marise wrote:
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Host your website in a better neighborhood, maybe?

Windows is a pane in the ass....

Re: about send mail with php

Marise wrote:
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Make sure you include a "From:" line in every message.

Also check if your hosting supports Domain Keys and SPF records and if
so use them.


Re: about send mail with php

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There is no officially agreed method for seperating spam from ham - if
there was it would be something of an oxymoron - the spammers would
know exactly how to masquerade as ham.

There are things you can do to reduce the detection of spam
- get hold of spam assassin and read how its rules are configured to
identify spam.
- Make sure you've got RMX and SPF records in your DNS,
- do not try to send mail from a known DHCP address.
- make sure you've included all the headers which appear in mails
detected as ham (e.g. fake an X-mailer)

But really the only thing that really works is educating your users -
good luck.


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